The Pals' Carwash

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to your most common questions
How often should I wash my car?
Ideally you should wash the exterior of your car once a week, but depending on usage and climate this time frame may vary.
How often should I wax my car?
At The Pals' Car Wash, we recommend you have your automobile waxed at least every 6 months to protect the exterior paint.
Is there a difference between hand washing/waxing vs. automatic car washes?
Automatic car washes are far superior in adding conditioners and additional services quickly and efficiently. Hand washes are typically for vehicles not capable of going through the automatic car wash, or if there are areas of your car that you want addressed.
How often should I change my oil?
The standard recommendation is to change your motor's oil every 3000 miles. Most engines that take synthetic oil can go as far as 6000 miles between oil changes.
Does my car really need its fluids flushed?
We always encourage our customers to refer to their owner's manual for specific vehicle recommendations as this can vary from car-to-car.
Do I have a cabin air filter?
Your owner's manual will be able to tell you what features your car is equipped with. If you do have a cabin air filter, we will be happy to assist you in adding it to your regularly scheduled automobile maintenance.
Is there anything that can be done about the scratches on my car?
Depending on the severity, some scratches may be completely removed or reduced using our premium detail service. Be sure to point out the scratch to one of our attendants on your next visit to The Pals' Carwash.